The Insider (1999) – dir. Michael Mann

As The Insider comes to an end, Lowell Bergman (Al Pacino) confesses to his longtime colleague and friend, the venerable Mike Wallace (Christopher Plummer), 'What got broken here doesn't go back together." And this is probably the ethos for most Michael Mann films. Where most stories try to find a new status quo, or return to the … Continue reading The Insider (1999) – dir. Michael Mann

Legally Blonde (2001) – dir. Robert Luketic

I have a difficult time discussing women's issues. Oh sure, I like to think I have a grasp on what good female representation looks like in media. And disseminating my thoughts on characterization or portrayals of women is often much simpler, especially when I'm typing out into this here void of endless content. But even … Continue reading Legally Blonde (2001) – dir. Robert Luketic

Chasing Amy (1997) – dir. Kevin Smith

I don’t think we’ll ever have films like the first three that Kevin Smith made in the 90’s. While John Hughes tried to articulate fringe suburban outcasts in the 80’s, and while mumblecore and Apatow lent a voice to post-slacker twentysomethings, none have felt as realized and honest as Smith’s. The aging Gen-X’ers of Kevin … Continue reading Chasing Amy (1997) – dir. Kevin Smith

Green Book (2018) – dir. Peter Farrelly

Lasting change is not a one-and-done affair. No one gives a speech or leads a march that magically solves some complex, deeply-rooted social perception. Racism didn't end with the abolition of slavery. Sexism didn't end with the ratification of the 19th amendment in 1920. Homophobia didn't end with Ellen coming out to Laura Dern in … Continue reading Green Book (2018) – dir. Peter Farrelly

RBG (2018) – dir. Betsy West & Julie Cohen

One of the arguable drawbacks of the internet is the infringement of privacy. By having more access to information than ever before, we tend to see more of others, and show off more of ourselves, than we necessarily want or intend to. This is to say nothing of government-sanctioned spying, or malicious hackers. But we … Continue reading RBG (2018) – dir. Betsy West & Julie Cohen